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A Disgrace

I have recently experienced wait times of 1hr and 28min at this GP Practice. I sent the Practice Manager and the Head GP evidence of these calls as I needed to also complain about a number of other issues. The Practice Manager didn't like that I had emailed him directly and you would have thought I had committed crime of the century in the way he reacted to this. He telephoned me and thought I was going to listen and allow him to speak to me like I was something on the bottom of his shoe. He wanted to dictate to me and try to make me feel as though I was the problem when it was not me at all - it is the practice, he is supposed to be responsible for. So, imagine when you have someone on the phone who thinks they can just speak to you the way they want to, they then don't like it when you stop them. The call was only going to fail because of the response and attitude of the Practice Manager. It was all his fault. He will say I was rude but we react the way others treat us. I then wrote a long complaint letter and was told by a GP at the Practice, all complaints must go to the Complaint Manager - (someone I had also complained about because she has an attitude and was unwilling to help me). I thought how ridiculous, the people you are complaining about are the people then going to investigate and respond to your complaint. Totally unprofessional on every level. After handing my complaint into reception, I received a letter from the Practice Manager again advising me there had been a break down in communication and I was being removed from the surgery. I then spoke to the Head GP by phone where after I explained everything to him and how rude the Practice Manager was he agreed for me to remain as a patient. Then I received another letter by post from the Practice Manager advising I must remove my google review and he suggested I write to the Complaint Manager to apologise for calling her incompetent because she does not wish to speak to me. I thought she was totally incompetent and so no I won't be apologising to her and how unprofessional you and she are. At the Omnia Practice - you can't walk in and ask to see a Doctor - that's not allowed. They want everyone to use their website and will force you to use it even though it doesn't always work. Reception do not takes messages for the Doctors. No Patient Choice Anymore. You only have to read the majority of the reviews for this GP Surgery to realise patients have been experiencing many problems for a long time. The responses back from the Practice Manager tells you all you need to know. It's always the fault of NHS England or all GP Surgeries are under immense pressure. This surgery didn't get chance to remove me again because after carrying out my own research I registered with a lovely GP Surgery nearer to where I live. I have heard such excellent reviews from patients directly. I know I'm going to be very happy there and receive excellent medical care. So Happy Now!

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