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Dishonest and incompetent, rude and regularly breach duty of care of Your a BLACK MAN

I have had a scalp infection, that i went to my local G.P. service to resolve, after six months still no resolution. I started out with a full head of hair, now I have no hair,.have been repeatedly misdiagnosed, have had to go Urgent care in Ealing hospital, twice. went back to surgery, Hillview Surgery 177 Bilton Road. The total disregard for my health and well being totally disregarded, resulting in a breach of duty of care., medical malprctice, and retaliatory behaviour for asking questions. Most recently, 2 weeks ago I Provided a hair sample, following correct procedure, name, date of birth and medical record number from surgery printout, Dr. siva calls me today being dissmisive, rude and confronational, hanging up on me, did not raise my voice or was not rude to her in anyway. she claims all information not sent with sample, which I know is untrue, claims sample destroyed?..refused to share details of lab where sample sent or who she spoke to. . last week when attended surgery, staff created a scene, became argumentitive, confrontational, kate an older clinician tells me to "shut up" while attempting to a question. This has been a very traumatic harrowing, stressful and painful experience endured by so called medical professionals at Hillview surgery, not being treated like a patient at all, and still no resolution to my medical condition, I am also still in recovery for degenerative, disc disease surgey, saw my neurologist at UCLH, Queens sq. Dr. Pezarakos 2 days ago Your attention re: this very serious matter will be greatly appreciated.

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